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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can a paralegal represent and prepare documents for the public?

A: No - Paralegals are prohibited from representing or providing legal document preparation for the general public. However, we are fortunate to work with many highly experienced attorneys in various practice areas. We would gladly connect you with an attorney who may be able to help. 


Q: What is a Virtual Paralegal?

A: The National Federation of Paralegal Associations (NFPA)© defines a virtual paralegal (synonymous with freelance or contract paralegal) as " different than a traditional paralegal except to the extent that s/he is not employed by an attorney in a traditional setting such as a law firm, governmental entity or corporation. Rather, a freelance paralegal is retained on an as-needed basis by many supervising attorneys in these settings. Freelance paralegals are educated and qualified to perform paralegal work just the same as traditionally-employed paralegals."


Q: Is your attorney using a virtual paralegal or assistant? 

A: If you answered yes, then your attorney has made the decision to work smarter for you, the client! Using a paralegal as-needed is significantly more cost-effective for a law office. Attorneys save thousands of dollars each year by contracting services and only paying for the time they use. No wasted in-office downtime or overhead. We assure you, there is no loss of quality for using this service. It's quite the opposite, actually. Having a paralegal who works for many practices makes their knowledge and skills more diverse and versatile. The paralegal has no choice but to continually learn more each day to keep up with the diversity of cases. 


Q: Does VPAS provide only "paralegal" services?

A: No. We provide both administrative and legal assistant services. We can do anything from simple letter drafting to detailed paralegal duties. 

Q: As a client, what services will I be billed for?

A: Only what you need. If you need help with a document or two a week, or just a document a month; you pay only for the time VPAS spent on the documents.  


Q: How is hiring a Virtual Paralegal or Assistant cost-effective? 

A: It's simple. Hiring a virtual paralegal means no office overhead and pay for only the services actually performed.

Q: I really only have a need for paralegal help on occasion during the year. Can your services be retained for an as-needed?

A: Absolutely. Contact VPAS now to get set up, then when you have a document, we are just an email or text away.


Q: Is there a minimum amount of work I must contract with VPAS?

A: No. We can offer as much or as little help, based on your specific needs. 


Q: What is the turnaround time for a document? 

A: We strive to complete all work in a timely manner, typically within 24-hours or less depending on complexity. All work is completed in the order it is received unless a document is specifically noted as an emergency. If it is deemed to be an emergency, that document will be given first priority and will be completed immediately. 


Q: How does VPAS handle conflicts?

A: VPAS takes conflicts of interest very seriously. Our first step when given an assignment is to check for conflicts and notify the attorney immediately. If a conflict is found, VPAS will then enact an Ethical Wall in regards to this particular client and must defer this work back to the attorney. 


Q: Can VPAS electronically file documents?

A: Yes. Many counties e-file now! We have experience and our own log-in credentials. 


Q: How do I send VPAS work?

A: The bonus of being "virtual" is that we can utilize the current technology available. Simply send a voice memo, email, text, etc. and we'll get to work on the document. Specific instructions are included in our Helpful Information Guide which our clients receive after contracting our services. 

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