The services we provide are tailored to your company's needs. A sampling of these services include: 


  • Legal document preparation, including pleadings, memos, and petitions 

  • Filing of legal documents via e-filing or paper 

  • Client billing and invoicing 

  • Design and implementation of social media, including Facebook©, Instagram©, and Twitter© 

  • Research and statistical compilation, including presentation, graphs, and interpretation

  • Office set up, reorganization, and maintenance 

  • Streamlining of office procedures and paperwork processing 

  • Modernizing of forms, files, and other processes 

  • Website design and creation 

  • Online investigation and research 

  • Event planning from start to finish and much more!

Using a Touch Phone

Is drafting pleadings, letters, and other documents weighing you down?

Simply email the info to VPAS and consider the project done.


Do you need a few more hours in the day to get things done? 

Delegate a task or two to VPAS and we will get it done.

Want to update or create a website?

Most people look for you online before they call you,  just as you may have done with VPAS!


Just don't have the time to do all the research you need done for a presentation?
Research and statistical compilation is one of our favorite projects! You'd be amazed at what we can do with an Excel spreadsheet! 

Do you have a master client list that you can refer to with one click?
One of our first suggested services is to compile a client list for you. It makes organizing and conflict management easier!


Is your billing cumbersome and disorderly?
Put our advanced spreadsheet training to work by creating one place to store phone calls, hearings, and meetings, organized by each client.

Can you access your company files remotely?
Set up and implement a cloud file sharing system that you can access online on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Do you still use paper forms that have to be handwritten?
Convert any document to a neat, fillable form that can be emailed to your clients or co-workers. 


Simply just can't get organized? 
New office set up and reorganization is our specialty.
Not sure about social media?
Learn how to implement and start using social media.


Do you need help proofreading documents for grammatical and spelling errors? 

We have a proofreader on staff that can do this for you. 

Still not sure if you need our help?

If you answer "yes" to any of these questions

then you're in the right place!