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  • Janice Frary, CRP

You've Open Your Own Solo Practice… Now What?

Congrats on taking the leap and opening your own solo practice! The possibilities for what you’ll be able to do in your self-directed position seem endless. But you will soon realize that there is a lot of paperwork and tasks that pile up! That’s where Virtual Paralegal and Administrative Services comes in! Think about the time you would save if you had help, as needed, to assist with documents. VPAS puts the power of a virtual team in your corner.

Specializing in assisting solo practitioners with our decades of experience, we know how to help your practice. We understand the cost-effective ways a virtual paralegal can help to give you the freedom to run your practice in the way you envisioned.

Some of the tasks of running a solo office aren’t always that glamorous, but they are necessary. Our staff has the experience and knowledge to ensure that your documents are organized, neat, and most importantly - accurate. Imagine the relief of taking just one or two legal documents or correspondence off your plate. How much time would that free up in your day? Could you quantify the value of several hours returned to your practice? That answer is YES!

The cost of keeping a full-time paralegal on staff is expensive, especially for a solo practitioner. We broke down the costs of hiring an in-house team versus a virtual team in our blog How much could you save using a virtual team? Hint… It’s THOUSANDS!

That’s the wonderful thing about working with VPAS is that if you have a big project or a few small housekeeping tasks to be done, we are here for you when you need us and as you need us. How much or how little we do for your solo practice is up to you. There are no minimums or monthly requirements – simply pay for the work you need.

The reality is that lawyers live with one foot in both the digital and the analog world. We’re excited to help bridge that gap, by offering PDF preparation for electronic filing, including compiling, and merging your documents.

Still not sure we can help? Think about that letter that has been on your mind, but you just can't seem to find the time to sit and write it. Here’s where we come in – send us a short email or a long dictation using your phone and we will draft, proof, and send you a word version ready to go. We can even mail it for you!

Congrats on your new practice! We invite you to see how VPAS can provide the assistance you need to free up your plate! Contact us HERE to schedule a free consultation to learn more.

*Please note that VPAS does not provide legal advice, legal representation, paralegal, or any legal services to the general public.


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